An Islamic Home in Camp Diable

Launched in 2005, and fully operational as from 2009, the Camp Diable Islamic Home was indeed a necessity for Mauritius.

A chance to help our elders.

A tribute to Hajee Ahlaman Sohawon who worked a lot for the welfare of the Muslims.




Run an orphanage

Set up a home and care centre.

Help the poor, the handicapped, and the old people.

Educate and help orphans.

Related activities.

Help Mauritian Muslims

This Home is open not just to those Muslims living in the south, but all those across the island who need help.

Our services are of high quality, offered in a user-friendly environment.

Residents contribute according to their means. Those without any means will be admitted after enquiry about their financial situation.

A model for other homes

From its inception, this home has been a model for old people's homes. Other homes that have existed over the past 150 years in Mauritius have been little more than dormitories, with no consideration for privacy. They are charitable institutions, set up by religious bodies. The few homes that existed benefit from Charitable Instution status. The Muslim community has two homes, in Port Louis, one for the ladies and the orphans, and the other for men. Other homes cannot guarantee Islamic standards.