A retired female nurse with over 30 years experience... a part-time male nurse, Mr. Israt Islam, ... on-call doctors... a well-equipped medical unit... situated in the vicinity of the Camp Diable area health centre, and not far from Nehru Hospital... health care courses given to the employees... such are the facilities available to ensure the well-being of the residents.

25 members of staff work round the clock on a roster system. Two teams of cooks who followed courses at Le Paradis Hotel work alternately. Employees are duly registered with the National Pension, and wear uniforms.

The nutritionist Dr. Jilani Dooremeeah has set up in collaboration with dietician Rosida Bholah a balance diet for the residents. Clean and unclean utensils have separate circuits, as required by the standards of the "Food Act" and of the "Food Hygiene Regulations".

The place is kept clean in all aspects. The toilets, for instance, are cleaned three times a day. The vegetables which grow in the kitchen garden are used by the home.

Laundry is organised in accordance with hygienic principles. A shelter is provied for drying clothes.

There is strict internal control on the stock to prevent waste. Given that part of the stock comes from various donations, any waste would be a lack of respect for the sacrifice and good intentions of the donors.

There is a monthly staff meeting. Management comprises the following persons:

1. Mr. Nizam Ramjean

2. Mr. Hassenjee Jugon

3. Mr. Eshan Assutally

4. Mr. Nawaz Wahedally

5. Mr. Rashid Oodally

7. Mr. Gorah Ramjean

8. Swaley Aubeeluck

9. Mr Iran Mungly

A monitoring committee is set up, comprising of:

1. M. Nizam Ramjean

2. Mr Gorah Ramjean

3. Mr. Hassen Jugon

Finally, the trustees of the Home are:

1. Mr. Nizam Ramjean, Président

2. Mr. Hassenjee Jugon

3. Dr. Farhad Kauroo

4. Mr. Mohammad Swadeck Oozeer (Chartered Accountant)

Legal aspect:

The Camp Diable Islamic Home operates under the following laws:

- The Residential Care Homes Act 2003

- The Residential Care Homes Regulations 2003

The Trust was registered on the 19th December 2005, under section 34(1) of the Notaries Act, bearing registration number: B165-No.919.