The conception of the building.


A modern vision.
An original hallmark.
There are no large venues such as dormitories, but the bedrooms for up to two or three persons.
There are lounges where residents feel at home.
Located in a peaceful area, the home meets the Islamic standards.
A wing is reserved for women and another for men.

The building covers an area of 2000 m2 (21,500 sq ft). Allowance is made for another storey.

Legend for references in the plan:

1. Main entrance.

2. Director's office

3. Leisure room

4. Medical care room

5. Employees/ visitors toilet

6. Dining room - men

7. Exit - men

8. Kitchen

9. Exit - ladies

10. Dining room - ladies

11 Prayer room - ladies

12. Prayer room - men

13. Store

14. Office - employees

15. Reception hall

16. Ablutions area

17. Block A - Residents - men

18. Laundry - men

19. Mortuary - men

20. Parlour - men

21. Block B - Residents - ladies

22. Parlour - ladies

23. Laundry - ladies

24. Mortuary - ladies

25/ 26 Corridors

27 Entrance for the disabled

The reception hall, the parlour, the offices, the prayer rooms, the medical care room, the dining rooms and the kitchen are next to each other. Delivery of products for the kitchen and for the store is done at the back of the building. Two exits are also provided at the back to get to the garden, and to the ablutions area.

Each of the two wings, male and female, has eight double rooms, and six triple rooms, each with its own sanitary and bath facilities. Each wing has a small lounge to cater for the visits of friends and relatives of the residents. Each bedroom can be converted to a single bed sitting room if the need arises. As a result, "footprints" of all bedrooms have been kept alike.

The dining room is also partitioned with one side for male residents and the other for female residents. There are also two communal lounges and prayer rooms. Occupational therapy can take place in a specially designed room.