Cost and acknowledgement

The total cost of the project (including equipment) had reach Rs.22m, as evaluated by a professional evaluation officer. This home is running exclusively on donations and is not sponsored by any government grants.

To all those who generously contributed their time, energy and resources for the realisation of this project.

To Dr. Swaley Kasenally for initiating the project and assisting in fund raising with the help of Gulf Arab countries.

To numerous charitable organisations of Kuweit, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman,

1. Sheik Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Abu Dhabi)
2. Oman Charitable Organisation
3. Nouri al Nouri Industrial Enterprise (Kuweit)
4. M. Mohammed Al Ansari du Islam Presentation Committee (Kuweit)
5. Abdullah al Habshi Consultancy Group (Kuweit)
6. Jassem al Bahar Group of Companies (Kuweit)
7. Iqbal Rahim Group of Companies (Dubai)
8. Africa Muslim Agency (Kuweit)

To local organisations and local personalities,

To M. Harry Padiachy, for his advice and follow up of the project,

To M. Rashid Oodally, for his knowledge in quantity surveying and coordination of the project.

we wish to extend our warmest thanks to them!